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Outer Hebrides: The end


Overall my time spent in Uist has been both enlightening and amazing, the wildlife I have seen and time spent doing what I love has filled me with fresh motivation that I need for my final year of University and start of my dissertation. My overall favourite wildlife experience of this trip is a tie between the experience with the Minke whale which is both unique and tragic or the fact I saw a…

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Outer Hebrides: Day Six

Since the change in weather and lack of shoot the night before I set out to shoot the waders in the early hours for the last time. Setting off alone across Balranald beach I crawled through the wet sand photographing mainly sanderlings in the soft morning light and after an hour of shooting Dave came running over to inform me I had been lying metres away from a stranded whale all morning and the…

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Outer Hebrides: Day Four

Back to the early mornings I decided I did not want to waste my time with owls when there was only the same shots to be taken so we started off with the Snipe but due to the incoming winds he was no where to be seen throughout the morning so we head back to where we first discovered the Stonechat nest. I had taken a shot on my iPhone I am pretty impressed with considering but wanted a macro…

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Outer Hebrides: Day Three

For the majority of our time in Uist we have been fortunate with the weather, at times it has faltered our photography but waking up to mist and rain was certainly a change for our work, however the lie in was long overdue. With plans to photograph the Common Phoca vitulina and Grey seals Halichoerus grypus off the Isle of Berneray we set off and to our disappointment only three Common seals were…

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Outer Hebrides: Day Two

After a series of early mornings with Snipe and Owls Holly and I decided we have got images we are proud of and any more is just going to be a bird on a post so we separated from the group and went on our own first light adventure around the surrounding beaches. We both set ourselves small goals for the morning; Holly-landscapes and Macro for me which we both successfully captured whilst taking…

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Another early start Holly, Dave and I set off once more in search of capturing a Short-eared owl…

Another early start Holly, Dave and I set off once more in search of capturing a Short-eared owl image, which played ball more then yesterday but I am still yet to bag my favourite shot. As it flew from post to post I nabbed a few close up shots but I preferred long distant location shots so far. On our way to photograph my favourite subject so far; the friendly snipe we came across a variety of…

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Outer Hebrides: Day One

Setting off at first light we went in search of images, first stop Snipe Gallinago gallingo with no luck we drove to the known habitat of Short eared owls Asio flames and to our luck one flew along side us and another perched on a lichen covered fence; perfect… that is until holly lent over to shoot out the drivers window and lent on the horn! Note to all Owls do not like being beeped at! Short…

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Outer Hebrides: Arrival

  Due to the lack of Internet on Uist I am finally positing my daily Hebridean blog; something that may defeat the point now but I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I did, stay tuned.
22nd May 201404:34
Experimentation: In camera double exposure

One image and technique I am striding for my recent Magpie project is in camera double exposures using a Canon 5D Mark 3 to combine possibly a magpie in flight with a wide angle nest in a tree shot but during my first shoot the weather was overcast with rain so lighting was difficult and minimal sightings of birds so I focused on experimenting with the technique with a model and surrounding flora.
Opaque  by  andbamnan